Are you ready to invest in your family’s long-term happiness?

Tired of the mom down the street who read one parenting book and thinks she can tell you how to raise your children too?

Or the mom who thinks that now that her child eats broccoli she’s a parenting expert?

Or the parenting gurus who’s own children won’t listen to them…

I know you know what I’m talking about.​

You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by the multiple aspects of parenting
Sharon truly has been a blessing in our lives. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who needs help – we all do one way or another! I can’t imagine anyone not benefiting from her support. Rose P.

Watching Sharon raise her 4 daughters has been an eye opening experience for me as a parent. She understands the motivations behind the children’s behaviors and always uses excellent language with examples to help children understand how they can make better choices. She is strong, and tough, but also gentle and loving. It’s very hard to find that mix of personalities. She has been my go to “Parent” for everything from breastfeeding to sleeping issues with my 3rd child. She isn’t a worrier, or a yes-er… she listens and then evaluates and gives very tailored advice to parents based on their comfort level. She has been invaluable in our lives! Thank you Sharon for all that you do! Tania B.

I’m Sharon and I’m a pediatrician with 4 wonderful children. I share from my real life about what’s really happening. My daughters are great. Of course we have our imperfect moments, but I’m pretty proud of the way they are turning out so far.

My job is to give you the tools you need to handle anything your kids throw your way.

I’ve spent the past decade helping parents just like you gain confidence in their parenting.

I want to help you too…

So if you want the benefit of parenting books but don’t have time to read them…

She’s a great listener and I always feel like Sharon is genuinely in my corner trying to help me. She has encouraged me the entire way and made me believe I am more than capable to achieve my goals. Jodianne T.

I would definitely recommend Sharon to others because I believe in her philosophy and approach to parents and patients. I am very happy with my experiences with her and feel confident that my family is in great hands under her care. Mor F.

Here’s what I’ve learned…

• There’s no “exact formula” for raising great kids. Real life just doesn’t work that way

• Life and your kids will throw you curve balls and what we all need are the tools to help us handle whatever comes our way.

• There is always room for learning, growing, and improving as parents

• Everyone is struggling with something, and no one has it “all figured out”.

• We will sometimes need to try different ways to accomplish our desired results, as no two children are the same.

• It’s nice to have a group of like minded parents to share our experiences with and learn from

• There is too much conflicting advice out there and its great having one resource you can trust

It’s tough when you feel like there are endless parenting philosophies and there’s so much pressure to choose the “right” one.

You worry that the wrong choice will screw up your kids forever.

You are having a hard time figuring out how to show your child love while still being authoritative.

Let’s help you gain more confidence, worry less,
and enjoy your children more

What does good parenting mean to you?

​Maybe it’s more quality time as a family.

​Maybe it’s having children that feel how much you love them unconditionally.

Maybe it’s a calm bedtime experience that doesn’t leave you wanting to pull your hair out or worrying what time you will have a little visitor in your room.

Maybe it’s not having to deal with picky eating and feeling like a short order cook at mealtime.

Maybe it’s taking back your evening so that you can spend quality time with your partner.

Maybe it’s taking time for yourself and knowing the advantage that offers your whole family.

Then you’re in the right place.

Let’s make it happen. TOGETHER.

In the Raiseology Course you’ll be working closely with me and a select group of parents eager to make changes in their homes and work toward raising loving, responsible, independent, and resilient children.
Sharon has so much experience and is very professional. Raising children is hard, and having a plan and support system is an important aspect that Sharon provides. With her help and advice my son was sleeping through the night, making an already stressful time in my life more manageable. Kara S.

Sharon has been amazing support and has credible knowledge and experience. She has helped us tremendously in setting realistic sleep goals and attaining those. I also really trust her provided advice. I was able to breathe a big sigh of relief after speaking with Sharon. She made us feel positive and confident. Jami B.

Sharon provided our family the strength to succeed through multiple areas. As my husband and I found ourselves unsuccessful through various trials of sleep training, we turned to Sharon for help. Her confidence and commitment helped us accomplish our goal and within just a few days our son was completely sleep trained. The best part about working with Sharon was that we were able to successfully reuse everything that she taught us with our second son. Sharon K.

You may be asking why now Sharon?

Every decision you make as a parent affects your children’s future. The sooner you start learning how to better serve them, the brighter those futures can be.

Imagine putting the kids to bed, pouring a nice glass of wine, and sitting down to watch your favorite show, without worrying about how many times your child will wake up tonight?

Waiting doesn’t lead to results. Taking action does.

Meet Your Mentor

Sharon is a general pediatrician, loving wife and mother to 4 daughters.

After a decade of practicing general pediatrics and working with families, she realized there often wasn’t enough time while tending to children’s medical needs to help parents in the way that would be most helpful in shaping their children’s futures.

The Raiseology Program was developed to teach parents how to raise their children with the love and authority necessary to promote resilience and responsibility.

Sharon’s experience with hundreds of families as well as her own help her meet you where you are on your parenting journey to help you make it what you want it to be.

Not sure if the course is right for you?

Frequently Asked Questions About the Program

How does the course work?
You’ll be in a group program complete with video lessons and a private Facebook group. Group coaching calls will be held by Sharon every other week, and recordings of those calls will be posted to the Facebook group. In between video lessons and the group calls, you’ll have practical assignments that you can share with the other members of the program. The Course includes 12 weeks of group calls.
How long will I keep the course material?
You will always have access to all of the video lessons, group coaching recordings, and private Facebook group. I want you to grow as a parent and this group will be your community of supporters going forward. As I update and upgrade the lessons, you’ll always get access to the newest version. You’ll be grandfathered in for life.
Who is this for?
This program is for all parents, as we could all benefit from extra support when it comes to raising our children.
Will this help me?
If you are struggling on your parenting journey, or just want to learn to be the best parent you can be, this course can be very helpful to you. This program will give you the support, the knowledge, and the community to keep you on track with your parenting goals.
Can you guarantee results?
No. We don’t guarantee specific results. That will be up to you.
What is your refund policy?
This program is non-refundable.
Will Sharon provide medical advice?
Although Sharon is a medical doctor, she is not your child’s medical doctor and any service that is provided is not a substitute for medical care. She will not be advising on medical issues and will be providing parent-coaching services only.

You will be referred to your pediatrician to deal with any potential medical concerns whether or not they require medication management

Course Outline

The Raiseology Course has 8 modules and each module will have actionable items to work on and help you achieve your desired results.

Module 1 – The child’s need for love- Learn the ways children feel love and how and why it is important to show them unconditional love.

Module 2 – Expectations- This module discusses what parents can expect from their children at each stage and also what they should expect their children to be able to do independently at each stage (the good and the bad)

Module 3 – The Parent Child Paradigm- I discuss the importance of the structure of the parent-child relationship

Module 4 – Raising Resilient Children- Learn the differences between shaming and guilt, the scientific evidence related to each, and the language you can use with your children to help them develop a strong sense of self esteem, resilience, and internal compass.

Modules show you how to use these first 4 modules to tackle specific areas that parents often struggle with

5. Sleep- Get your children sleeping through the night with the tools discussed

6. Picky eating- Enjoy the luxury of cooking one meal for the whole family after putting the tools here into action!

7. Changing Behavior- Learn tools you can use for most challenging behaviors your children throw your way!

8. Fostering Independence and accountability- Learn what I truly believe is the secret to our children’s happiness in this module!

There will be lifetime access to course materials even as new modules get added or revisions get made over time.

Every other week there will be a group video call where specific questions will be answered. (these calls are recorded and I can take questions ahead of time for anyone who may need to miss it).

Also included in the course is a closed facebook group specific for those in the course to support each other and ask questions as they arise.

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